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HDE Healthy Drinks Sdn Bhd

is a licensed Reverse Osmosis (R O) water manufacturer established in 2002 under company No. 928458-X . Our main objective is to provide Reverse Osmosis water to the market that meets the Standard Food Requirements.

We have grown from strength to strength and today we are a leading supplier of office water dispenser, fountain water cooler, bottled water, and Reverse Osmosis drinking water.

Manufacturing License number from The Ministry of Health:-
Our manufacturing license number from The Ministry of Health (Malaysian) is KKM 163(52/A/13).

Our Quality

1. Our drinking water is manufactured in a licensed and audited manufacturing facility.

2. Our manufacturing system audited by multinational company according to BRC Global Standard Food Requirements.

3. Bottles are cleaned using an automatic process.

4. The quality of our products is monitored by professional chemists and engineers to ensure stringent adherence standard food requirements. We have assembled strong technical teams to be in charge of the water quality and maintenance of the water dispensers.

Accredited with the certificate of HDE-mesti (“Food Safety is the Responsibility of the Industry”) Makanan Selamat Tanggungjawab Industri HDE-mesti, or the “Food Safety is the Responsibility of the Industry”, is a food safety programme undertaken by the Ministry of Health (MOH).

The objective of HDE-mesti is to put in place a system for the maintenance of food hygiene and process control which includes food safety assurance and food traceability.

Certification by HDE-mesti facilitates food safety and quality compliance, thus building a strong foundation for Malaysia’s micro and Small & Medium Enterprises to be a major producer and exporter of food products.


We will only be successful if we exceed our customer’s quality excellence and delivery quality services.
In respect of its quality management processes, it is policy of this company to:-

Achieve recognition as an organization with a reputation for quality services.


  1. Ensure continuing customer satisfaction for the development and improvement of the services that we provide.
  2. Continue staff development programmers to maximize the potential of the individual in meeting the business needs of the company.
  3. Ensure that all equipment used in the process of providing its services, is calibrated.


In delivery its policy commitments, the company will:

  1. Provide services which meet the relevant standards, specification and regulation.
  2. Ensure prompt action is taken in dealing with customer issues.
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